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The all-new subscription program, Care by Volvo, makes great sense for drivers in the Kansas City area as an alternative to a lease agreement. The program bundles your new Volvo as well as the insurance and maintenance needs into one simple package. Visit Premier Volvo Overland Park to discover which model best fits your lifestyle and budget.

Program Description

Care by Volvo is a 24-month subscription plan that works with both a new Volvo XC40 crossover and new S60 sedan. The program combines your car, a Liberty Mutual insurance policy, and factory-scheduled maintenance, road hazard protection, and roadside assistance, into one rate. Additionally, excess wear and tear coverage is included for vehicle equipment such as brake pads and rotors. Every plan offers a 15,000 yearly mileage allowance.

How it Works

To take advantage of this inclusive program, you just need to spend about 10 minutes to subscribe online or through the Volvo app. You will build your XC40 or S60 by selecting the trim, color, wheels, and available options in the cabin. Once you confirm your monthly payment, your vehicle will be reserved. When your new Volvo is ready, a Volvo Concierge will work with you to schedule the delivery. You can upgrade to a new Volvo after the first year in the program, where you will then begin a new 24-month subscription.

Pricing and Benefits

Obviously, the pricing will depend on which vehicle and options you choose, but the Care by Volvo program starts at $650 per month plus taxes and fees for the base XC40 Momentum trim. A new beautiful Volvo. One flat monthly rate. No price negotiation. More annual mileage allowed than a standard lease. What more could you ask for?

Volvo plans to eventually extend the Care by Volvo plan to their full vehicle lineup, even including used vehicles. However, since the program is new, it will continue to involve just the two models for now.

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