Volvo's Focus on Safety Continues With New Technology

While Volvo's dedication to automotive safety is legendary, they've managed to keep up as advanced technologies seem to be developed with each new model year. And not only that, but Volvo is consistently testing, researching, and developing to try and bring the next wave of safety to our roadways. That is why Premier Volvo Cars Overland Park is so proud to offer these incredibly advanced vehicles to our neighbors in Kansas City.

The E.V.A. Initiative is the Latest Safety Contirbution from Volvo

The three-point seatbelt, so ubiquitous in cars across the world, has saved more than a million lives since its introduction. Volvo shared that invention with the entire automotive industry because it knew how important the breakthrough was. Volvo is once again sharing its knowledge with the industry--this time more than 40 years of research-- in the E.V.A. (Equal Vehicles for All) Initiative. Read more below on the current safety features your new Volvo car comes with as well as future of Volvo and all cars on the road.

Volvo City Safety Technology

Currently, Volvo City Safety Technology is one of the most advanced collision avoidance systems available to Overland Park drivers. With a forward collision alert that detects not only vehicles and pedestrians, but also cyclists and large animals, it is the most comprehensive forward collision detection available. Coupled with automatic emergency braking, your Volvo will look out for you in more ways than ever before.

IntelliSafe Surround and Rear Collision Warning

You're also protected from surrounding hazards thanks to IntelliSafe Surround, which includes blind spot monitoring with a steering assist that will pull you away from a side-swipe impact if you drift across your lane into the path of another vehicle. Meanwhile, Rear Collision Warning will prepare your Volvo for a rear-end impact by pretensioning the seatbelts, closing the windows and moonroof, and even adjusting the seat position, all in the interest of reducing potential injury from the impact.

Child Safety

When it comes to groundbreaking research, Volvo is also pushing ahead where few others have. By testing child seats in a variety of scenarios, Volvo is working to make roadways safer for our young children the same way they have since the 1960's. With designs tailored specifically based on this testing, placing your child seat in the back of a Volvo is one of the best decisions you can make to keep them safe while you travel.

Seat and Side Impact Protection Systems (SIPS)

The new generation seat utilizes Whiplash Protection System, which combines a sturdier head restraint with subtle design changes to the seat. The spine and necks of passengers are better protected, and it reduces the risk of whiplash by 50%!


The Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) meanwhile, addresses the strength and anatomy difference between men and women, by bolstering the frame and increasing the size of the curtain airbags.

E.V.A. Initiative Research

Volvo's research on the topic dates 1970, and it has compiled data from more than 40,000 crashes involving more than 70,000 passengers. The data concluded that women are more likely to be injured in crashes because the majority of crash test dummies are based on standard male occupants.


Volvo shared these findings with its fellow car makers, and went about making design improvements to address the shortcoming.

Dedicated to the Safety of all Drivers

Not only is Volvo committed to safety for their own customers, but they have also pledged to share that information publicly so that everyone can benefit from a safer automotive experience. This shows that not only are they proud of what they've created, but they believe in it so much that they want others to adopt it to make driving safer for everybody.

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